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Ten compelling reasons for dealers to choose your premium outdoor structures brand

Updated: Apr 15

This guide is for premium outdoor structure manufacturers seeking distributors and dealers. Discover practical strategies to attract new dealers and emphasize your brand's value.

Key takeaways

Convince new dealers with these ten strategies to sell your products:

  1. Quality assurance and durability

  2. Customization options

  3. Innovative functionality

  4. Marketing support

  5. Training programs

  6. Profit margins and incentives

  7. Customer support and warranty

  8. Proven success

  9. Exclusivity and limited distribution

  10. Collaborative partnership

Customer selecting color of their new carport

A guide to more dedicated dealers

Manufacturers aiming to persuade dealers to sell their premium outdoor structures need to emphasize several key points to showcase the value and advantages of their brand:

  1. Quality assurance and durability: highlight the superior quality of materials, craftsmanship and the products' durability. Demonstrating how your products withstand various weather conditions and have a longer lifespan can be a compelling selling point.

  2. Customization options: emphasize customization options to attract dealers looking for unique offerings.

  3. Innovative functionality: showcase any unique or innovative features that differentiate your products from competitors, whether in design, customization, or added functionalities.

  4. Marketing support: offer strong marketing and advertising support to dealers, providing materials, campaigns, and promotional materials, such as brochures, catalogs, and digital assets (e.g. a 3D configurator on the website).

  5. Training programs: provide training programs for dealers' staff, covering product knowledge, installation, and sales techniques specific to your structures. The more informed and confident the dealers are about your product, the better they can sell it.

  6. Profit margins and incentives: ensure competitive profit margins and attractive incentives for dealers, such as bonuses, discounts, or exclusive deals.

  7. Customer support and warranty: strong after-sales support and warranties, assuring dealers that customer satisfaction is a priority. This can reassure dealers that their customers will be well cared for, reducing potential post-sale issues.

  8. Proven success: share success stories, testimonials, and case studies from dealers who have found success selling your brand. This social proof can significantly influence a dealer's decision.

  9. Exclusivity and limited distribution: consider offering exclusivity or limited distribution rights to certain dealers in specific regions. This can create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, motivating dealers to opt for your brand over others.

  10. Collaborative partnership: We value dealer input and adapt to market demands, fostering a strong, mutually beneficial partnership.

Three people discussing the plans of a new outdoor structure around a table.

In a nutshell

Your success relies on understanding and catering to the needs of distributors and dealers. By effectively communicating the benefits of your premium outdoor structures and focusing on these aspects, you can create a compelling case for dealers to choose your brand.


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