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Simplify outdoor structure sales & lead gen via online 3D configurators

The future of sunroom marketing & sales: how 3D configurators are changing the game

Updated: Apr 15

Sunroom suppliers often come with a complex and broad range of products, including various designs, colours, materials, and dimensions. Presenting this diverse product lineup to leads simply and compellingly can be challenging. So, how can you excite your potential customers about your offerings without overwhelming them?

This is a common dilemma we frequently hear from our leads. Practice shows that incorporating a 3D product configurator into your website is one of the most effective ways.

Voorbeeld van 3D configuratie.

Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider this approach:

  1. Detailed and realistic 3D visualisation Leads get a detailed and realistic representation of your products. It allows them to explore every aspect of your modular sunroom, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of your offering.

  2. Interactive 360° views and even augmented reality Your potential customers can adapt your products (colour, sizes, material, etc.) as they please, alone or with your dealer. And they also can experience with augmented reality how your product would fit into their lives and look like in their garden.

  3. Tailored to your lead's needs The configurator empowers customers to customise your products according to their preferences, making it a playful and engaging experience. They can experiment with different options and create a solution that perfectly matches their requirements.

  4. Easy to use for non-tech savvy Leads can use it without specialised training or software expertise. It's intuitive and accessible, ensuring a seamless browsing and customisation process.

  5. Cost-effective marketing and sales investment Implementing a 3D product configurator on your website offers multiple benefits for your marketing and sales efforts. It generates leads, provides a platform for storytelling content, inspires customers with innovative ideas, more personalised sales conversations, and optimises your sales process (also for dealers). Furthermore, you don't need to develop it in-house; you can take benefit of a ready-made solution. This means you can already start using it as of tomorrow.

Incorporating a 3D product configurator into your website is a strategic move that can transform how you showcase your offering and your online customer experience. It not only simplifies the decision-making process for your customers but also sets your brand apart as a leader in delivering an immersive and personalised purchase experience.

So, why wait?

Elevate your online presence and captivate your audience with this powerful tool today.


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Transform your marketing and sales for outdoor structures via online 3D configurators

Integrate our 3D configurator and streamline your lead generation processes today!

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