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Discover our Premium Ready-to-use
3D Configurators

Elevate your sales process to new heights and add your branding on our 3D Product configurators

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Experience the value of our Premium Ready-to-Use 3D Configurators

Ready-to-use 3D configurators

Create stunning designs that captivate your outdoor living buyers. and bring your products to life with ease without any extra requirement for development.

Background image upload

Our configurators allow the users to effortlessly upload their background image into their designs. It's the perfect way to showcase your product fits into their garden.

Augmented reality preview

The user can easily experience their configuration in augmented reality. Allowing them to experience how the veranda, pergola, sun room, shed, ... will look like in their garden.

Branding customization 

Rebrand the design of the 3D configurator with your own logo, email, and web link, giving it a professional and personalized touch.

Seamless contact collection

Any contact information submitted by the potential buyers will be instantly sent to your inbox, along with a convenient link to their configuration.

Possible add-ons to further optimize

Unlock more features with: 

  • the dealership module

  • the API & Integrations module

Reach out to us to discover more about these add-ons.

Customer configured design

Ensure a personalized experience for your leads. Once they've completed their configuration, they will receive an email containing a direct link to their unique design.

Collaborative configuration

Collaborate with your clients in real-time, enhancing the experience with an interactive online design platform reminiscent of an engaging video game.

Our 3D configurators for verandas and sun rooms

Basic veranda 3d configurator
Extended 3d sun room
Multi-shape veranda configurator
Extended II 3d veranda
Extended III veranda configurator

NEW! Pool configurator

View your potential swimming pool in AR!

After updating your width, height en depth, take a look in Augmented Reality to see what your pool would look like!

Note: the preview in augmented reality requires WebXR support, and  while Apple has promised support, it might not work out of the box on iPhones etc. You can use this link to check if Augmented reality will work on your device.

QR code to try out the new pool configurator.

Our 3D configurators for pergolas

Flat  pergola 3d
Rounded  pergola 3d
Fabric  pergola 3d

Our 3D configurators for sheds

Minimalistic II
Basic II

At Virtual Sales Lab, we're dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to engage, impress, and close deals. Our Premium Ready-to-Use 3D Configurators empower you to quickly and easily create unforgettable experiences and drive meaningful connections with your customers.

Let's get in touch to discuss what configurator is best for your needs.

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