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Free 3D Configurators

Use these to create a quick preview - in your showroom, behind your desk, and send it (or a few screenshots) a potential customer.


Instantly usable

Use these on the spot. No install needed.
Free forever!

See the needs in 3D

See everything in 3D, and get a mail with the saved design in your inbox.

Incentivize a client photo

View the structure on a picture of their garden or house to help you convert more people.

View your configuration in AR

View your potential swimming pool in AR!

After updating your width, height en depth, take a look in Augmented Reality to see what your pool would look like!

Note: the preview in augmented reality requires WebXR support, and  while Apple has promised support, it might not work out of the box on iPhones etc. You can use this link to check if Augmented reality will work on your device.

QR code to try out the new pool configurator.

Simplify outdoor structure sales & lead gen through online 3D configurators

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