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  • How often are updates and new features released for the 3D configurator?
    We do regular updates in a year, usually it’s about 1 update per quarter. Examples: better quality rendering, color corrections, improvement on mobile ux, augmented reality…
  • What is the SOP?
    Our SOP or Standard Operating Procedures outlines the procedures for collaboration between Virtual Sales Lab and our clients. This includes seamless deployments, efficient bug reporting and fixes, and effective handling of feature requests. We aim for clear communication, regular updates on project status, and prompt resolution of any issues to ensure a smooth collaboration process.
  • How are bugs reported and fixed?
    Clients can report any bugs encountered with the 3D configurator through our established communication protocols. Once a bug report is received, we promptly investigate to determine the cause and severity. Fixes are then prioritized and implemented, with regular updates provided on the resolution status. Thorough testing is conducted post-fix to ensure the issue is fully resolved before deployment.
  • How do I quickly educate/onboard my employees, dealers and consumers on using this 3D configurator?
    Regarding consumers using the 3D configurator, we have put much effort into user-friendliness so they can use the 3D configurator without any requirement for extra training or documentation. Suppose you use the standard configurator without a dealership add-on. In that case, we place a link on your website or link your website traffic, and you'll get an email every time a new lead has submitted the form. We made the process straightforward for your employees. Regarding dealers using the 3D configurator with the dealership add-on, we foresee individual sessions depending on your and the dealer's needs. It is included in the dealership add-on license. Related to integrations with APIs, documentation (including examples) is foreseen in the code.
  • Do I have to maintain the 3D configurator myself?
    We maintain the 3D configurator for you, unburdening you from this complex and time-consuming task.
  • How are feature requests handled?
    Feature requests should be communicated via our existing channels and will be added to a backlog. Each request is evaluated for feasibility, impact, and alignment with our roadmap. Smaller features may be implemented quickly, while larger ones are scheduled into development sprints. Changes during a sprint are possible but may impact the work already done. Regular communication is maintained regarding the status of feature requests.
  • Is technical support available outside regular business hours in case of urgent issues or questions?
    Yes, for the enterprise customers we have 24/7 support.
  • How many support hours does my Virtual Sales Lab annual service license include?
    The support is unlimited, 7/7d, for annual service license holders.
  • What are the different environments provided, and what is their purpose?
    We provide two distinct environments: a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment and a Production environment. The UAT environment is designed for testing and is not to be used in public, ensuring that any changes can be thoroughly vetted before going live. The Production environment is where the fully tested and approved application is made available for actual use. These environments run on separate infrastructure entities and have different user rights to ensure security and efficiency.
  • How does Virtual Sales Lab communicate with us - the client - after purchase?
    Communication between Virtual Sales Lab and our clients is maintained through designated channels, including email, video conferencing, and project management tools. Regular meetings are scheduled during delivery mode to discuss project status, deployments, bug fixes, and feature requests, ensuring open and efficient lines of communication throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Can we see the 3D model in augmented reality?
    All of our configurators follow the WebXR standard for augmented reality. If the internet browser on your phone or tablet supports WebXR, you should see a small white button with a cube on top of your 3D view. Clicking this button will allow you to view your structure as if it was built using the device's screen.... Most of the recent Android devices support WebXR via the Chrome browser. Currently Apple/Safari seems to be lacking WebXR support - although they have been promising to implement it for years. Their recently released Apple Vision Pro supports WebXR out of the box, no extra installs needed. For Apple devices, you can install the WebXR browser, and use those to go to our configurators.
  • Is the 3D configurator compatible with various devices and web browsers?
    Our configurators are designed to be responsive and compatible with a wide range of devices and modern web browsers, ensuring that it’s available for everyone.
  • What is a 3D configurator?
    A 3D configurator is a powerful software tool that enables users to customize and visualize products in three-dimensional space. It allows interactive modifications of colours, sizes, features, and materials, providing a dynamic and engaging way for customers to design and personalize products according to their preferences. Virtual Sales Lab specializes in creating these immersive configurators for outdoor living businesses.
  • Is Augmented Reality included in any configurator?
    The branded and custom 3D configurator license(s) offer our customers the augmented reality feature.
  • Can I add dealers to the 3D configurator plaform?
    Yes, with the additional dealership add-on on top of the branded or custom 3D configurator license(s), we allow your dealers to use the 3D configurator(s) to generate their leads while utilizing their branding: logo, email, personalized link, and more. We foresee individual training/onboarding based on the needs of each dealer. Discover more at our pricing page.
  • Can the 3D configurators be used on eCommerce platforms?
    Not yet; however, we are in the process of developing this feature. You can find more details on this new feature in our blog article 'Elevate your website's user experience with our innovative hover 3D effect'. You can already subscribe to our waiting list as well.
  • What is the main difference between Basic, Branded and Customized?
    Basic is free to use but, you can’t put it on your own website, because the e-mail is only sent to the lead and not to you. The branded ones contain your own logo from your own website, and you get an e-mail together with the lead. Custom configurators are exclusively built for you and potentially your dealers and can be customized in any way you want.
  • Can the 3D configurator support multiple languages for a global customer base?
    Yes, and you can adjust the text andtest different versions for the text. Once you are happy, we validate your changes and we put them live.
  • Why should you invest in our 3D configurator for premium outdoor structures?
    It will increase the conversion and the engagement of the online visitors. It will help to decimate the effort to qualify the leads. You can use it as a sales tool.
  • What valuable insights do I get on my leads with the Virtual Sales Lab 3D configurators?
    When a lead submits information, you know what your lead is looking for: the preferred design (type, colour, dimensions, material, etc.). You also have their contact details to follow up with them. The lead also has a better understanding of what you can offer them. Combined with the fact that they have put together the design themselves (Ikea effect), this increases the likelihood they will buy.
  • Are 3D configurators expensive? What financial benefits does it bring?
    Our annual service license depends on the configurator and add-ons you opt for: a ready-to-use 3D configurator or a custom 3D configurator with or without the add-ons dealership or API & integrations. Please have a look at our pricing page to discover them all. Our average conversion rate is 4.38 %. Some studies say this is at least three times better than a standard website. This means we break even when you spend an average of 1000 EUR /month on advertisements. We can calculate the exact potential for you as well. More information is available in our blog post, 'Triple your leads with a 3D Configurator'.
  • How will I be successful with a 3D configurator?
    Our data and customer feedback show that our 3D configurators have an average conversion ratio of 4.38 %. According to Marketing Insider Group, average website conversion ratios were 1.55% in 2022. In other words, our 3D configurators are 3D lead magnets that help triple your leads on your website. And that's not all. Discover all the benefits our 3D configurators bring your business in our blog article, 'Triple your leads with a 3D Configurator.'
  • How does our pricing work?
    Our pricing is simple: you pick a yearly service license based on your desired features: free, branded or custom - check out our pricing page for all details. The prices mentioned on our pricing page refer to small and medium enterprises; we apply custom pricing for large enterprises. Next to this, we also offer two add-ons: dealership and API & Integrations to support you even more.
  • How easy is integrating our 3D configurator with your existing software/platform?
    We implement the Virtual Sales Lab 3D configurator(s) on your website in case of the Branded and Custom 3D configurator license(s). When you include the API & Integrations add-on to your annual service license, we can implement real-time integration with your CRP/ERP/ … via webhooks. How do you do this yourself? No worries. We can handle the implementation and integration process for you. This way, we provide you with a smooth and hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on leveraging the configurator's capabilities without the complexities of implementation and integration.
  • Is the 3D configurator of Virtual Sales Lab just software?
    We go beyond mere software by providing a comprehensive, fully managed platform through a annual service license (discover them all at our pricing page). We provide the option for custom development and the ability to incorporate add-ons like the 'Dealership' and 'API & Integrations' into your annual service license. We aim to offer you a complete solution that caters to your specific needs and elevates your marketing and sales process.
  • Do I get to review the configurator? Can I adjust the configurator myself?
    If we build a custom configurator for you then we will share an excel sheet with you where you can adjust and test different parameters for the configurators. Once you are happy, we validate your changes and we put them live.
  • What happens after I sign up with Virtual Sales Lab? How does the implementation go?
    We review your needs together to determine whether you would benefit most from our ready-to-use 3D configurators (branded 3D configurator license) or a custom-built one (custom 3D configurator license). If you opt for the ready-to-use configurators, we can start relatively quickly as we place a link on your website or direct your visitors with a link to the configurator. The build and implementation require scheduling if you opt for the custom-built configurator. Typically, consider a timeframe of 3 to 6 weeks for the initial version, which is included in the licensing costs for the first year.
  • How long have you been in business?
    Currently we have been in business since 2015.
  • Why should I choose for Virtual Sales Lab?
    The industry expertise we have allows us to gather requirements quickly. Due to our focus on this specific industry, delivery is fast and guaranteed. Virtual Sales Lab always keeps the configurators up to date with the latest trends.

Simplify outdoor structure sales & lead gen through online 3D configurators

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