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Triple your leads with your own 3D configurator

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Our prices

Our add-ons


Price on request

For Branded or custom 3D configurator

Administrator access


Data stored in a bespoke storage group


Browse and export incoming leads


Manage an unlimited amount of dealers and configurators

API & Integrations

Price on request

For branded or custom 3D configurator

Ad hoc lead access via our RESTful API


Real-time integration with your CRM/ERP/… via webhooks


24/7 monitoring, assistance & support for your integrations

Free 3D Lead magnet


Customer configured design

The end user receives an email with a direct link to their design.

Background image upload

The end user can easily upload and incorporate their own background image into the design.

Branded 3D Lead Magnet

€ 12.000 per year

+ Basic specifications
Includes all specifications of the Free 3D Lead Magnet license.

Branding customization

Rebrand the 3D lead magnet with your own logo, email, web link and house style, giving it a professional and personalized touch.


Seamless contact collection

Any contact information submitted by users will be instantly sent to your inbox, along with a convenient link to the design.

Collaborative configuration

Collaborate with your clients in real-time, enhancing the experience with an interactive online design platform reminiscent of an engaging video game.

Augmented reality preview

The user can easily experience their configuration in AR.


Possible add-Ons

  • Dealership module

  • API & Integrations

Custom 3D Lead Magnet

€ 19.400 per year

​+ Premium specifications
Includes all specifications of the Branded 3D lead magnet license.

Tailor-Made 3D lead magnet

Enjoy a 3D lead magnet built exclusively for your products, providing a unique solution.


Custom email templates

Access a collection of email templates that can be personalized for both you and your leads, ensuring a consistent communication.


Free development sprint

Benefit from a complimentary development sprint valued at
€ 8.250, allowing you to kickstart your project with added value at no extra cost.


Possible add-Ons

  • Dealership module

  • API & Integrations

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