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Unlocking the Potential of Omnichannel for Premium Outdoor Living Brands

Updated: Apr 15

The term "omnichannel" has gained significant traction in the outdoor structure industry. This article zooms into the concept of omnichannel and its advantages for dealers and manufacturers of premium outdoor structures. To make these concepts more tangible, we'll explore real-life examples illustrating the strategies discussed. Additionally, we'll delve into practical ways manufacturers can support dealers in effectively adopting and excelling in the omnichannel approach.

Understanding omnichannel

Omnichannel is a strategic approach that seamlessly integrates various channels, ensuring customers experience a consistent and cohesive journey across online and offline touchpoints. The aim is to maintain a unified and uniform brand experience.

Omnichannel example; lead creates 3D design on website of manufacturer.

For instance, consider a customer browsing the manufacturer's website to explore the range. On the website, the customer discovers a 3D configurator that allows them to design their ideal outdoor structure. In the end, they can send the information to the nearest dealer, who will contact them to arrange a visit to the physical store of an authorized dealer to discuss the design and prices in person further. 

Advantages for dealers and manufacturers

Consistency Across Platforms

Omnichannel strategies guarantee a uniform brand experience, irrespective of the chosen platform. Dealers and manufacturers can cultivate a cohesive brand image, fostering consumer trust and recognition.

In the example, a touchscreen also runs the 3D configurator at the dealer's physical store. Also, customers can initiate their personalized outdoor structure designs on the manufacturer's website and seamlessly involve dealers for finalization and order placement.

Expanded Reach

With omnichannel strategies, dealers can extend their market presence beyond physical locations. The online sphere has become a global showroom, attracting customers from diverse geographical areas. Manufacturers benefit from an expanded market reach, increasing sales opportunities and enhancing brand visibility.

In the example, a website visitor does not have to go and look for the nearest dealer themself. Instead, their design and quotation request is sent to the dealer, who contacts them soon after.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Omnichannel facilitates real-time customer engagement. Dealers can interact with potential buyers through various channels, providing timely assistance, information, and personalized recommendations. Manufacturers gain valuable insights into customer preferences, enabling them to tailor products and services based on real-time feedback.

In the example, the dealer can interact with the lead via the customer's preferred channel (e-mail or phone) and know what the lead is looking for. Also, the manufacturer has more data on what leads are looking for in their range.

In the physical store there is a touchscreen running the 3D configurator.

Supporting dealers in the omnichannel journey

Integration with the dealer's channels

Manufacturers play a pivotal role in supporting dealers by ensuring the seamless integration of online tools, such as a 3D configurator with touchscreens or other physical channels in the dealer's store. This integration transforms the online experience into a central hub for customers visiting the dealer's store, creating a seamless and cohesive shopping journey.

Training and Resources

Manufacturers contribute to the omnichannel success of dealers through comprehensive training programs. For example, the manufacturer should foresee extensive training on effectively utilizing 3D configurators. This ensures that dealers can consistently provide valuable assistance to customers.

Data-Driven Insights

Manufacturers can empower dealers with valuable insights derived from customer interactions. This information aids dealers in understanding customer preferences, identifying trends and emerging demands and tailoring their local strategies effectively.

In the example, the data and insights derived from the 3D configurator are shared by manufacturers with dealers. This information empowers dealers to get a good understanding of what design the customer is looking for.

The dealers should get an intensive training on the 3D configurators.


Omnichannel strategies ensure an accessible and delightful experience for premium outdoor structures. Dealers and manufacturers embracing this concept craft a seamless journey for their customers, whether exploring online or stepping into a physical store. 

Manufacturers, in turn, play a pivotal role in supporting dealers through integration, education, and data-driven collaboration, ensuring a harmonious omnichannel landscape that benefits all stakeholders involved.


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