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Unveiling Our 2023 Data Highlights

Updated: Apr 15

We are thrilled to share some remarkable insights from the data collected through our Virtual Sales Lab configurators.

Someone working a laptop at their desk. We see this person is probably diving into customer data.

🌐 170,000 visitors on our customers' 3D configurators

In the past year, a staggering 170,000 individuals embarked on an immersive customer journey with our 3D configurators. Each visit was a step towards unlocking a personalized experience, showcasing the power of innovation in product customization and co-creation.

📈 Seasons of Surge: March to June Takes the Crown

The data reveals that March to June witnessed a surge in activity, with an influx of enthusiasts exploring the limitless possibilities our configurators offer. The allure of spring and the promise of fresh beginnings seemed to resonate with our audience.

🗓 Tailored Experiences, Tailored Frequencies

Ranging from 2,000 to a whopping 22,000 visitors per month per customer, the engagement levels showcased the adaptability and scalability of our platform.

An ipad on a desk standing in landscape mode. At the back we see a white cup of coffee and a smartphone on the table. There is a pen in front of the ipad. The ipad shows a report of website analytics data.

🌟 12,000 Premium Outdoor Living Leads

A noteworthy 12,000 web visitors not only explored but took a leap of faith, submitting their design and quotation requests. These 12,000 leads are not just numbers; they represent potential sales and customer relationships.

📊 Conversion Rates That Speak Volumes

Diving deeper into the metrics, the conversion rates painted a picture of success. Month after month, we witnessed conversion rates ranging from 3.13% to 14.66% per customer. Collectively, this culminated in an overall conversion rate of 7.13%, surpassing our benchmark set earlier this year.

🏆 Exceeding our 2022 data: from 4.38% to 7.13%

Reflecting on our journey, we are elated to report that our overall conversion rate 2023 stands at an impressive 7.13%. This accomplishment not only exceeds our initial measurement of 4.38% - which we communicated about on our website and blog - but also underscores the effectiveness of our 3D configurators in transforming leads into tangible success stories.

Virtual Sales Lab latest update on shadows.

🎉 The Best is Yet to Come

As we celebrate these victories, we look ahead with anticipation. The success of 2023 is merely a prelude to the innovations and updates on the horizon. With a commitment to continuous improvement, our 3D configurators are set to redefine the landscape of the premium outdoor structures industries.

To our customers, partners, and the vibrant community that fuels our passion, thank you for being part of this incredible journey.


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