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Simplify outdoor structure sales & lead gen via online 3D configurators

Quadruple your leads with a 3D Configurator

Updated: Apr 15

In today's digital world, making savvy business decisions in the outdoor living industry is vital. And that's where Virtual Sales Lab's 3D Configurator, with its real-time product visualization, comes into play, and can almost quadruple your leads to enhance your Return on Investment (ROI).

Infographic showing a garden that is cosy decorated and has a sun room. A couple of statistics are mentioned on the infographic. 3D ROI. 83 % more leads than a regular website. 62 % gets a competitive advantage from data-driven insights. 30 % increase in upsells when using a 3D preview during sales. 95 % of the online shoppers prefer interactive 3D over video.

Key Takeaways

In our modern world, online shopping is booming, with marketing automation and AI reshaping the online customer experience and business landscape. This is especially true for businesses in the outdoor living industry. To thrive in this digital age, companies need advanced tools to boost profitability. Here's a short but sweet compilation of our key takeaways.




Quadruple conversion ratios

More leads and thus more sales

leads x 4.60 compared to a regular website.

Visualize customer needs

Getting a better understanding of the product, leads to higher likeliness to buy and customer satisfaction, and thus better reviews

60% of online shoppers say they are more likely to buy if shown in 3D or augmented reality

Using a 3D configurator during sales

More upsells

+30% increase in sales price

Gather interaction data

Make informed decisions based on data-driven insights

62% of retailers report a competitive advantage from using information and analytics

Deliver a better user experience

Have a higher customer engagement and differentiate yourself from your competitors

95% prefer interactive 3D over videos


Quadruple your leads with a 3D configurator

Picture shows happy customer that configured a patio and send an order to a dealer by submitting a quote request.

Enhancing customer engagement is the cornerstone of boosting ROI. Virtual Sales Lab's 3D Configurator almost quadruples lead engagement, by allowing customers to customize products - such as verandas, pavilions, sheds, pergolas, pools, and other outdoor structures - in real-time.

This interactive experience captures their interest, prolongs their stay on your platform, and significantly increases the likelihood of a purchase.

leads x 4.60

compared to a regular website.*

* According to Marketing Insider Group, average website conversion ratios were 1.55% in 2022. Our last measurement showed a conversion rate of 7.13% (measured from January 1st 2023 to December 31st 2023).

To calculate how many leads you could get when using a 3D configurator, simple take the following formula:

Your lead multiplier = 7.13 % / your current lead conversion ratio

Multiply this with your current amount of leads to know how many leads you'd get when using a configurator. This makes the ROI calculation super-simple!

Allow your customer to explore his needs visually

Not being able to show you can offer what your client needs can be a significant cost and detriment to conversion ratios and ROI. Virtual Sales Lab's 3D Configurator effectively addresses this issue by offering visual clarity.

When customers can visualize their purchases accurately, the likelihood of mismatching assumptions decreases, leading to higher customer satisfaction and leaving more positive reviews which you can leverage to improve your ROI.


of online Shoppers say they’re more likely to buy a product if it’s shown in 3D or augmented reality.

Upsell during a sale using a configurator

Efficiency in your sales process is a direct path to a healthier ROI. Virtual Sales Lab's 3D Configurator empowers your sales team to guide customers seamlessly through the customization process, answer questions, and provide a smooth buying experience while showing more options. Clients can see what they need directly on the screen.


improvement in average sales prices when using 3D models to replace 2D static image.

Find out what triggers your customers using data analytics

Shows a table with data info on the left, and an overview of configuration on the right.

In today's data-centric world, insights are like gold for business decision-making. Virtual Sales Lab's 3D Configurator not only enhances customer experience but also provides invaluable data. By analyzing customer interactions and preferences, you can fine-tune your sales and marketing strategies, making informed decisions for better ROI.


of retailers report a competitive advantage from using information and analytics.

Diversify yourself from your competitors

Gif showcasing an hover effect: if you hover over an image of a sun room with your mouse arrow, you see a 3D configuration of it that spins 180°

To succeed in the digital era, you must outperform your competitors. Virtual Sales Lab's 3D Configurator offers a unique advantage by providing an immersive shopping experience that sets your business apart.


of shoppers prefer interactive 3D over videos.

In closing

Virtual Sales Lab's 3D Configurator isn't just a tool; it's a strategic investment that can quintuple your lead count and improve your ROI. With the added benefit of real-time product visualization, you can captivate your customers, reduce returns, streamline sales, gain data-driven insights, and outperform competitors.

Take advantage of the opportunity to supercharge your success. Invest in Virtual Sales Lab's 3D Configurator today, harness the power of real-time product visualization, and elevate your business's profitability.

Don't wait – quadruple your leads and boost your ROI with Virtual Sales Lab's 3D Configurator today!

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