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Making sure your customer data is safe

Updated: Apr 15

The outdoor living industry is going through some big changes thanks to digital advancements. One key player in this shift is the 3D configurator. These tools have changed how people interact with outdoor products. Basically, they let users customize things like pergolas, pools, and pavilions on a virtual platform.

While these 3D tools offer a cool experience for users, they also contain customer-sensitive data. This is why we need to make sure your customer data stays safe.

An image of a road with a barrier, and tyre marks in the snow of cars going around it to the left and the right
"Secure? Of course, we added a barrier to stop the cars"

How do we avoid potential data breaches?

At Virtual Sales Lab, we take data protection and cybersecurity very seriously. It’s not just an afterthought in our configurators; it has always been an essential part of our design process and system architecture.

We apply the following principles and tools:

  • Advanced firewall: we use a third-party service that blocks cyberattacks. For example, our mitigation strategies prevented 1.82K attacks just during October 2023.

  • Simplified design: we minimize potential breaches by optimizing our design for simplicity, decreasing the number of potential attack vectors.

  • Automated deployment: we have automated systems for secure and consistent deployment.

  • Different cloud deployment environments: utilizing varied environments ensures that all data remains contained within its own boundaries.

  • Manual approval for production releases: production releases always require manual action before they can go live.

  • Data encryption: all our data is stored on encrypted storage in the cloud.

  • Per-tenant storage: we make sure no data is accessible to other tenants or dealer networks by having distinct storage and storage groups per dealer/dealer network.

  • Third-party authentication: as user and password management is a big potential attack vector, we delegated authentication to a highly trust-worthy third-party service that specializes in authentication and offers things like two-factor authentication and attack heuristics.

  • GDPR compliance: we act as a data handler,and don't distribute or repurpose data, and customer-sensitive data is automatically deleted after 3 months by default.

  • Continuous alerts and - monitoring: the systems are constantly monitored, and we receive alerts instantly if something fishy is going on.

These are just a few of the measures we apply. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Closing words

As the premium outdoor living industry continues to integrate 3D configurators, it's vital to acknowledge and address the cybersecurity challenges accompanying this digital transformation.

We take as many measures as possible to ensure that your customer data is protected. This allows you to focus on what's important and creates value without having to spend your time safeguarding your systems.


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