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How to differentiate your premium outdoor structures brand from competitors

Updated: Apr 15

In the competitive terrain of the outdoor structures market, standing out sustainably without coming across as overly aggressive to consumers is a challenge many brands face. Yet, there are strategic ways to distinguish your premium brand in a manner that resonates with longevity and distinction. Here, we explore four pivotal strategies to differentiate your brand from competitors, ensuring your offer not only stands out but also aligns closely with your target market's evolving needs and values.


Stand out from competitors and resonates with customers with 4 strategies:

  1. Find people who need something special that nobody else is giving them, like people who work outside, or families who love being outdoors.

  2. Make your outdoor offer super special - like high-quality, sustainability, or with cool new features.

  3. Help everyone have a great time buying from you by letting them choose special custom things just for them, and make them feel part of a cool outdoor club.

  4. Care about what they care about, like helping the planet.

Strategy 1: Target underserved market niches

Diving deep into the market reveals underserved or entirely overlooked niches ripe for innovation. Positioning your offerings to cater to these segments can significantly set your brand apart. Consider the following niches:

  • Innovators: customers willing to invest in the latest outdoor innovations.

  • Business users: this includes farmers, yoga and meditation instructors, remote workers seeking outdoor office spaces, wellness centre operators, etc.

  • Retirees with a passion for gardening and outdoor living: cater to those who cherish their time outdoors and seek to enhance their garden and outdoor spaces.

  • Eco-conscious buyers: individuals prioritizing sustainability in their purchasing decisions.

  • Outdoor-loving families: families that value living and spending quality time outdoors.

A yellow door is standing out in a row of doors. The other ones are all white.

Strategy 2: Differentiate your product or service

Elevating your product or service above the competition requires a focus on several key differentiators:

  • Exceptional craftsmanship: high-quality construction and materials.

  • Ecological sustainability: eco-friendly practices and products.

  • Innovation: staying ahead with the latest trends and technological advancements.

  • Exceptional post-sale service: offering lifetime guarantees and maintenance service contracts.

  • Safety and quality certifications: ensuring all products meet high standards.

  • Design variety: a wide range of design choices with customizable features.

  • Flexibility and quick delivery: meeting customer needs efficiently.

Strategy 3: Provide a unique customer experience

Creating an unmatched customer experience that can only be found with your brand is crucial:

  • Customization and personalization: offer tailor-made solutions for each customer.

  • Technology integration: utilize online 3D product configurators to support personalization.

  • Brand ecosystem: develop a community around your brand with annual customer meetups, an outdoor lifestyle magazine, and partnerships with related suppliers (e.g. Barbecook, Gardena) to offer your customers unique benefits.

Someone is holding a ball covered with green grass in their hands. It visualizes a green world.

Strategy 4: Show your commitment to societal issues

Demonstrate a genuine and heartfelt commitment to societal issues that resonate with your target audience. Like for example the climate crisis: engage in practices and advocate for changes that address these critical challenges.

Closing words

By focusing on these four strategies, your premium outdoor structures brand can significantly distinguish itself in a crowded market. Targeting underserved niches, differentiating your products and services, offering unique customer experiences, and showing a commitment to societal issues are not just strategies for standing out; they are essentials for building a brand that resonates deeply with your customers' values and lifestyles.


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