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Simplify outdoor structure sales & lead gen via online 3D configurators

Why co-creation with 3D configurators is a game changer for sales of premium outdoor living brands

Updated: Apr 15

3D configurators have reshaped the sales landscape for interiors, furniture, cars, and luxury goods. Adopting an online 3D configurator is a game-changer for complex products like premium outdoor structures. It enhances the sales process and boosts lead conversion through co-creation.

People shaking hands in front of a house.

Boosting perceived value

Integrating a 3D configurator makes customers active participants in shaping their outdoor living space. It triggers the "IKEA Effect", where the effort put into creation increases the perceived value. Deloitte's research shows that 1 in 5 consumers keen on personalized products is willing to pay a 20% premium.

IKEA Effect": When Labor Leads to Love by Michael I. Norton Daniel Mochon Dan Ariely, Harvard Business School, 2011

Money growing due to higher perceived value.

Creating personal experiences and emotional bonds

Offering customers control over customization cultivates a sense of accomplishment and ownership, elevating the overall customer experience. This emotional link amplifies satisfaction and loyalty, deepening the connection to the brand.

As customers design their ideal outdoor living space on your website using the 3D configurator, they start to dream about how it will look in their garden, creating an ownership intent. This psychological ownership encourages a higher perceived value and a reluctance to abandon the design, leading to a stronger inclination to purchase, also called the endowment effect.

Research has shown that co-creation settings facilitate positive customer outcomes (Fuchs et al., 2010), which is attributed to an increase in psychological ownership, that is, perceived feelings of possession concerning an (in)tangible object (Pierce et al., 2003).

Customers also have a higher tendency to complete the purchase, as they have already put much effort into making the design in the 3D configuration. This is what we call the sunk cost fallacy.

Working together on a design

Simplifying the buying process

The digital shift empowers users globally to design their perfect outdoor structure from home at the time that suits them best through sophisticated online 3D configurators. After submitting their design, they can continue co-creating their ideal outdoor living space with the nearest dealer.

Augmented Reality (AR) further enhances this experience, allowing clients to visualize products in their spaces.

Deloitte's research highlights that 42% prefer curated options to combat choice overload. 3D configurators manage choices effectively, preventing overwhelming decisions when co-creating.

A row of white doors and in between a yellow door, making it easier to choose.

Impact on your business

Co-creation minimizes inventory, enhancing plant efficiency. Additionally, personalization sets brands apart, improving traffic, conversion rates, and efficiency. Businesses embracing co-creation outperform competitors, providing a unique, authentic offering. Empowered customers spread positive word-of-mouth and willingly pay higher prices, as identified by J. Hair, D. Neubert, M. Sarstedt, and K. Barth's insights (2016).


Conclusion: Changing Sales with Co-Creation

Using 3D configurators for outdoor living brands shifts how customers buy. Co-creation makes customers feel involved, raising product value and emotional connections.

It is not just about buying; it is about creating. Customization excites customers, making them willing to pay more for unique products they help design. This change is about more than just about sales. It helps brands work better, reducing extra inventory and making customers more loyal.


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