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Simplify outdoor structure sales & lead gen via online 3D configurators

Selling remote is as easy as playing an online video game

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Are you in the business of selling outdoor structures like gazebos, pergolas, or sheds? If so, have you considered using our online 3D configurators to sell your products remotely?

How selling remote works

Here's how it works: you send a custom link to your customer, and then you both participate in an online 3D configuration session using a video call. During this session, you can see each other and both edit the configuration of the outdoor structure in real time, just like you would in an online 3D video game.

Problems it solves for a potential buyer

Not only is this a convenient way for customers to design their dream outdoor structure, but it also offers several benefits:

  • Customers can see a realistic representation of the final product, experiment with things like shadow etc;

  • Customers have full control over the design process, but you both can do/see the same, you can help and steer buyers during the process by showing options in real-time, for example a few alternative color schemes, a different layout, or something else the customer didn't think about;

  • You can ask the technically illiterate customer to just open the link, and you do everything else for them based on what they say in the video call.

A potential buyer viewing his purchase in augmented reality on a tablet, while walking in his garden
Send the buyer a link that allows him to view the outdoor structure you configured together via augmented reality. If the offer wasn't tangible enough yet, this will really trigger those hard to close clients.

Problems it solves for you

For businesses, using online 3D configurators can increase efficiency and reduce the need for in-person consultations. It's a win-win for both parties!

  • You can gather most of the requirements in the timeframe of a video call;

  • The buyer and you are properly aligned on the requirements;

  • You get instant feedback and it makes it easy to qualify the customer;

  • You can do all of this from within the comfort of your own home or office; no need to spend hours in the car for a customer that isn't highly qualified.

Interested? You can have this tomorrow!

There's no need to wait here; schedule an online meeting, so you can experience it yourself.

Oh, and by the way: if you do qualify as an ideal customer for us, and adapt this using our ready-to-use configurators, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

Give it a try and see the results for yourself. Your customers will thank you for the convenient and efficient design process.


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Transform your marketing and sales for outdoor structures via online 3D configurators

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