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Online 3D Configurators for Outdoor Structures

Simplify sales & lead gen through intuitive product discovery & customization

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Explore the range and possible options for carports, canopies, sheds, swimming pools, verandas and more online, in real-time 3D

As trusted by

Brustor, one of our biggest and earliest customers
Brustor configurator
Lies Van Wyngene, Marketing manager at Brustor

Lies Van Wyngene
Marketing Manager

Testimonial video below↓

"We have seen a great impact on the amount of leads via this tool, so we are very grateful for our cooperation with Virtual Sales Lab"

Logo of our customer TS Aluminum
Sonne Am Haus configurator
Roland Drechsel, CEO at TS Aluminium

"We have worked with several software companies before, but it has never worked as well as with you"

Yearly data highlights*

230+ dealers

Over 230 dealers used their personalized configurator link to get leads directly in their inbox.

170.000+ sessions

We registered over 170.000 configurator visits; that's more than 2.5 times the Superbowl Stadium

12.000+ leads

12.000 exclusive, highly qualified leads submitted their exact needs, without any manual intervention.

* Read our in-depth article here.

Benefits of a 3D configurator

Lots of highly qualified leads, instantly 

3D configurators result in:

  • High conversion ratios:
    The average conversion rate for our 3D configurators is 7.13%;

  • High quality leads:
    Exploring your products & submitting contact data after they made their choice, is a very strong buy signal;

  • Simple & fast lead qualification: 
    You see their most of their needs immediately when your receive the mail;

Transform your lead generation instantly and maximize your return on ad spend.

Facts & figures about the marketing impact of online 3D configurators
Een voorbeeld van een configuratie.

Simplified sales

Show your clients what they need on the spot and  reap the immediate benefits:

  • Products and their options can be shown in any combination in showrooms, at home ...

  • As you can visualize extra options with the click of a button, your average deal size grows;

  • Use a picture of their garden or house, and visualize to buyers what the end result will be.


Configurators shorten the sales cycle and help you to close deals faster

Who doesn't want to maximize lead generation & sales?

How much money are you wasting on low quality leads that don't close?

Book a call and we'll help you to figure it out.

Testimonial video

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