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Triple your leads for outdoor structures with an online 3D configurator



Get more qualified leads instantly.

Perfect for winter gardens, pergolas, arbors, pavilions, sheds, pools ...

Booking it only takes a minute, and your information will be kept strictly private

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Triple your leads?

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3D configurators on average result in 3 times the amount of leads compared to a regular website

We can easily calculate your potential ROI by comparing your current conversion ratios to our own measurements

Read here how to calculate your potential ROI, or get in touch to do it together. No strings attached!

Booking it only takes a minute, and your information will be kept strictly private

A tool for you and your buyers

With a 3D configurator for outdoor structures, you:

  1.  Increase online engagement;

  2. Get bigger average deal sizes; 

  3. Increase customer satisfaction, leading to more referrals;

  4. Can qualify incoming leads instantly;

  5. Visualize needs in 3D/AR easily during sales, in showrooms, ...

Luxury Backyard

Why now?

Everybody is digitizing

Post-COVID, the outdoor living market saw a decrease in leads & sales. This triggered many to invest in digital solutions such as 3D simulations to boost efficiency and demand, and stay ahead. 

The competitor landscape evolved

The COVID boom attracted new players from similar markets  challenging the incumbents. They embrace any tool necessary to break status quo, including 3D lead magnets. We'd assume you don't want to get behind on their offerings.

Customer expectations have risen

Today's premium outdoor structures customers want variety, customization, and quick delivery. Our 3D visualization empowers them to explore your product offerings, have a great experience and keep them from shopping elsewhere.

Are you a good fit?

All of our customers...

  1. Manufacture, distribute or sell premium outdoor structures;

  2. Have at least 10 employees or 1M turnover;

  3. Need a partner that offers a full service, not just a platform;

  4. Prefer a partner who focuses only on outdoor structures.

If you spend 1000€/month or more on advertising for your website we should definitely talk!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. 
The second best time is now.”
- Chinese proverb

Customer testimonials

Lies Van Wyngene

Lies Van Wyngene
Marketing Manager - BRUSTOR

Testimonial video

"We have seen a great impact on the amount of leads via this tool.
So we are very grateful for our cooperation with Virtual Sales Lab"

Roland Drechsel

Roland Drechsel
CEO - TS-Aluminium

"We have worked with several software companies before, but it has never worked as well as with you"

Interested? Questions? Still in dubio?

We can help you to clarify. Book a meeting, send us a message, or give us a call. No strings attached!

  It only takes a minute, and your information will be kept strictly private


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