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Customer spotlight: Brustor

Updated: Oct 23

Brustor, a distinguished manufacturer in the realm of outdoor living and sun protection solutions, has been a steadfast partner since our inception. Their unwavering loyalty speaks volumes about our collaboration. Over the years, Brustor has leveraged our online 3D configurator platform as a key component of their go-to-market strategy. This strategic use has not only cemented our relationship but has also allowed them to deliver top-notch products and services to their customers.

What sets Brustor apart is their active engagement with our platform, providing invaluable feedback. Their inputs have been instrumental in driving continuous improvements to our product configurator. This synergy exemplifies a partnership that is truly two-way.

The rapport between our companies is one of mutual admiration. Brustor appreciates our platform and our commitment to enhancing it, while we relish the collaboration and innovative spirit they bring to the table.

For an unfiltered glimpse into our partnership, we invite you to watch the testimonial video below. It's a testament to the harmonious and productive bond we've nurtured over the years.

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