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(Couch) Potato Posture Prevention

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Sitting posture is important when you spend a lot of time behind your desk. To monitor our sitting posture, we wrote a simple webpage/tool that alerts you if your posture is slacking. This tool turned out to be so useful that we decided to share it with all of you.

Why avoiding a potato posture prevention is important

Everybody that spends most of their day in this unnatural position might have a tendency to slack off, resulting in a not-so-good posture anymore.

The image shows two examples of how you can sit in a chair. The first one is the correct way: 20-30 inches from your screen, your arm 90° from your chest and resting on your desk. Knees in  a hook of 90 °as well. The second picture is a cat hanging out on a yellow childrens chair. This is how the author seems to sit at his desk.
At Virtual Sales Lab, we refer to this bad sitting posture as the "couch potato posture"

Because we care about our wellbeing and as we love using computers for unexpected use cases, we decided to quickly write a simple tool that alerts you whenever you sit behind a computer and your posture is starting to degrade.

How to apply a potato posture prevention

Browse to (PPP is short for "Potato Posture Prevention".)

You follow the simple steps on the page, and .... now every time your posture slacks off you will receive a small audio notification in the back, reminding you to keep a correct posture.

Print screen of the app
Print screen

To shut down, just close the window/tab.

Your orthopedic surgeon can thank us later!

A drawing of a patato

Thank you for subscribing!

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