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How AI will transform the job market in the next 2 to 5 years

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

I think most people underestimate the impact AI will have on society. My best bet is that - within 2 to 5 years - a lot of jobs will be executed cheaper/better using an AI.

A robot and a computer both doing desk jobs
This image was generated using an AI, all it took was one single sentence and a single try...

Why? Here's an example...

You can already stitch together a script *TODAY* that takes any subject as an input, and creates a YouTube video of yourself as a subject matter expert:

  1. Use AI to generate your outline according to some guiding structure

  2. Have it fill in the details

  3. Use voice style transfer to generate audio in your voice

  4. Generate a deep fake of you by combining a picture or video of you with the audio fragment

  5. Upload the video to YouTube/ post to social media

Ask the AI for a thousand titles that a subject matter expert would talk about, and run the script on each of those titles. You can have thousands of videos of you as a subject matter expert today at the click of a button. TODAY!

What's the impact of ai on society?

Who knows what the impact on society will be within a few years?

The industrialisation turned consumer goods into a commodity, the internet turned knowledge into a commodity, and now AI will turn any job you can do using a computer into a commodity.

What's next? Robots to bridge the gap to the physical world, and then singularity?


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