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Enhancing customization and visualization: new features in our 3D product configurators

At Virtual Sales Lab, we are continuously striving to improve our 3D product configurators to make it even more user-friendly and versatile for our customers. We are excited to announce several new features that enhance the customization and visualization options for designing outdoor structures. These updates make it easier for end customers to create tailor-made outdoor solutions that perfectly fit their preferences.

Flexible Roof Constructions

One of the most significant additions is the ability to add flexible roof constructions with multiple compartments. This feature allows users to design complex, multi-section roofs, providing greater flexibility in creating unique outdoor structures.

Roof construction

New Rendering Modes

In addition to enhancing customization options, we have introduced three distinct rendering modes to improve the visualization of your designs.

Comparison of all views

1. Neutral View (Classic Mode)

The Neutral View, our default rendering mode, works in real-time and focuses on providing an accurate representation of colors. This mode ensures that the screen colors closely match the actual colors of the materials used, making it ideal for getting a true sense of the finished product. It is the standard mode used in all configurators.

Neutral view

2. Technical View (Architecture Mode)

The Technical View is designed for our dealers and offers a detailed, technical view of the designs. This mode also operates in real-time and is perfect for generating precise plans, such as those needed for building permit applications. With this feature, users can create comprehensive PDFs that include measurements and technical overviews of the construction. This functionality is particularly useful for architects and builders who need detailed plans for their projects.

Technical view app

Technical view pdf

3. Realistic View (Path Tracing or Photo Render Mode)

The Realistic View is also exclusive to our dealers and provides a highly realistic rendering of the designs using advanced path tracing technology. This mode delivers photo-realistic images that capture realistic lighting and material reflections. While this level of detail requires significant computational power and can take a few minutes to generate, it is invaluable for commercial purposes, such as sales presentations and marketing materials. The Realism Mode allows customers to visualize exactly how their finished product will look in real-life conditions, enhancing their confidence in the final design.

Realistic view

Making customization and visualization more user-friendly

These updates not only expand the capabilities of our 3D product configurator but also make it more user-friendly. By offering more detailed and realistic visualizations, we help your customers make informed decisions about their designs. The ability to create technical plans directly within the configurator streamlines the process for dealers and professionals, saving time and reducing the need for external tools.

At Virtual Sales Lab, we are committed to providing our customers with the best tools. These new features are part of our ongoing effort to enhance the design experience and deliver high-quality, customizable solutions. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and improve our product offerings.


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