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Simplify outdoor structure sales & lead gen via online 3D configurators

Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business #WeeklyLabLink

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Every Thursday at 11.55AM CET, we publish a link to a short, bite-sized online article, video or website that we think you should see.

This week's weekly lab link

So you think your business needs an online presence. But what exactly does an online presence mean? What does that look like?

Today's weekly lab link expresses exactly that: what do you need to at least provide to have a sounds digital marketing strategy in place.

In next week's link, you'll learn how to construct a simple roadmap to implement a digital marketing strategy roadmap.

Person with a lion mask on his head is playing chess against an older person with Asian migration background. They are sitting somewhere in a city on a public spot with trees.


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Transform your marketing and sales for outdoor structures via online 3D configurators

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