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B2B marketing trends to look for in 2022 #WeeklyLabLink

Updated: Jun 26

Today, we are starting a new series of blog posts: "Weekly Lab Link".

Every Thursday at 11.55AM CET, we publish a link to a short, bite-sized online article, video or website that we think you should see to stay aware about the latest B2B marketing trends.

This week B2B marketing trends

As mentioned before, marketing is shifting big-time from generating brand- and product awareness to consultative selling. This week's video by Cognism is confirming that, and also pointing out that sales & marketing are getting more and more intertwined...

00:00 Short form, dynamic content (TikTok)

00:26 Increase in personalisation

00:55 Increase in artificial intelligence

01:13 Video and content distribution

01:22 Shift from MQL lead generation to owning a revenue number

01:33 Businesses giving more than the standard features

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