Our mission

Virtual Sales Lab was founded in 2014 by Tom Janssens. The mission for Virtual Sales Lab is straightforward:


The future world needs an online sales and marketing tool that leverages user-friendly, innovative 3D technologies in order to:

  1. Simplify, automate and speed up the sales and quotation process 

  2. Increase online conversion rate 

  3. Gain insight in sales activities and what happens in partnerships

  4. Strengthen your image as innovative company


It is our mission to provide such a tool to the world.

“The best way to predict the future, is to invent it” - Alan Kay

A brief overview of our history

Before our rebranding to "Virtual Sales Lab"

2014 - Arealities.com


Growing from the drive to offer future-oriented solutions, Tom Janssens was one of the pioneers in building online 3D solutions. Then very progressive, today in full development, tomorrow the new normal.

He founded the brand Arealities.com, and started a pilot for an online 3D configurator for verandas.

Den Bosch 2016.jpg

We did a lot of guerilla marketing in the early days!

2015 - Alexander joined

After a year of development, Tom took the decision to further commercialize one of his 3D solutions and went looking for a partner who could bring his technical solutions to the commercial market.


Tom's nephew Alexander Dekker saw the potential and joined in. After many creative brainstorming sessions,  they officialized their dream and  they rebranded to Virtual Sales Lab.

Together they further expanded the customer portfolio and the 3D solutions of Virtual Sales Lab. They were able to count a number of leading market players in their customer base, and provided most of the services themselves.


One of our devs experimenting with AR

2019 - Level up

To ensure continuity, they decided that it was time for the next step: the team was expanded with passionate specialists in sales, marketing and software development, the strategy and positioning was fine-tuned.

​A no-nonsense approach, with clear agreements and with experienced specialists in their field.


Every configurator was made fully responsive

2021 - Growth

Due to shifting priorities, Tom decided to take full ownership of the company, and bought back his shares from Alexander.

He continued productizing the sales & marketing of the offering, adding a lot more features like night mode and fully responsive configurators, which resulted in more sales and even more satisfied clients.

The Future

The future...

What's next? Book an appointment with Tom, and he will tell you what's next.