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Virtual Sales Lab develops online 3D configurators for verandas, pool houses, garden rooms and patio covers.

Are you a producer with a dealer network, or do you sell directly to the end customer (with or without a sales team)? Then be sure to check out our solutions to generate more sales via online 3D configurators.



Grown from the drive to offer future-oriented solutions, Tom Janssens was one of the pioneers in building online 3D solutions in 2014 . Then very progressive, today in full development, tomorrow the new normal.


Born in an entrepreneurial nest, and with a mindset of "Trial & Error", Tom took the decision to further commercialize one of his 3D solutions and went looking for a partner who could commercially market his technical solutions.

Alexander Dekker saw the potential. After many creative brainstorming sessions, they formalized their dream and Virtual Sales Lab became a reality.


Together they further expanded both the customer portfolio and the 3D solutions of Virtual Sales Lab.

They could therefore count a number of leading market players among their customer base.


To ensure continuity, they decided in 2019 that it was ready for the next step .

The team was expanded with passionate specialists in sales , marketing and software development , strategy and positioning were fine-tuned.


A no-nonsense approach , with clear agreements and experienced specialists in their field.


Now they are ready to realize their ambition: a reliable partner who wants to help manufacturers and distributors to realize more sales through online 3D configurators .